Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Coursework Question..

A close analytical study of how 'dysfunctional' families are represented across a body of films between 1986 & 1991.

Friday, 11 September 2009

Action Plan

My action plan for week 1:

To do:

  • Watch my 3 films and take detailed notes on the social, political and cultural content.
  • Post a 'breakdown' of all three films
  • Look briefly into the psychological effects of 'family breakdowns' and compare the effects to those characters i am studying.
  • Do some secondary research into the three films in more detail looking at any other academic writings on them.

Material i will need:

  • DVD player
  • Some books on 'family breakdowns' (sociology)
  • Any further material i can find on my three films


For this small scale research project, we got given a list of areas we could research into and base our questions on. I chose to base mine on social, political and cultrual studies.
I have chose to look at how dysfunctional families are represented across a range of films between 1986 & 1991.
I have chosen 3 films to study which are:
-Labarynth (1986)
-Drop Dead Fred (1991)
-Edward Scissorhands (1991)

I will research into 'dysfunctional' families and compare the long term emotional effects to those of the characters in the films i have chosen to study.
I will also analyse selected clips from my films to support my findings and research into the directors of the three films to understand the more personal messages they are conveying through the narrartives.

I will post action plans regularly to keep up to date on what i need to be doing and show what i plan on researching next.